Srul Dajbog

Srul Dajbog
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My father's brother Srul Dajbog. This is a photo from his student's book of records of the Law Faculty of the Warsaw University from the 1930s. The youngest of my father's siblings was Uncle Srul, born in 1907, who secured a university degree. Uncle Noach completed a junior high school, and Srul completed a high school and entered a university. He graduated from the law faculty around 1935, and married Aunt Dora in 1939, right before the war. I happened to be in Kielce on vacation when I learned [about their wedding]. One of the first bombs that were dropped on Warsaw hit their apartment and while they luckily happened to be outside, I remember Father telling me the apartment got completely destroyed, and how he had to share his clothes with them. In fact, Father had been helping them earlier as well, as Uncle Srul had lived with us. There was an incredible hunger for knowledge in that family, a drive for everyone to learn and get ahead in life as far as possible. Perhaps in all Jewish families? but here it was really exceptionally strong. I think that uncle Srul was really religious. There is a letter of him, adressed to the University, in which he is asking for changing of the date of an exam because of Jom Kippur. I remember, when my grandfather died, uncle Srul didn't go to the funeral. I think he didn't have money. But I remember him standing leaning and praying.

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Warsaw, Poland


Srul Dajbog
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