Solomon Saltiel in Australia

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My son Solomon Saltiel. The photo was taken in 2001 in Australia.

We have three children: Solomon, Yosif and Ani. They were born in Sofia where they live now. We did not educate our children in the Jewish traditions. Maybe this was a mistake. They know what had happened to my family and me during the war, but they do not talk much about it. They know that they are Jews, but I do not think they feel Jewish. We celebrate the Jewish holidays very rarely, we started doing it only recently and we invite them here, but they are not used to that. They do not go to the synagogue.

All my children are married to Bulgarians, so they celebrate both Pesach and Christmas, but they do not celebrate Christmas in a religious way, they just mark the holiday.

Solomon is professor, doctor of sciences, working in the area of quantum electronics. Solomon's children are Juliet and Kalina Saltiel. Currently Juliet is a third-year student in Economics and Finance Management at the American University in Blagoevgrad.

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Interviewee: Mois Saltiel
Patricia Nikolova
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Solomon Saltiel
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