The Soifers with relatives and friends

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    Romania (1920-1945)
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This is a family photograph taken in Bucecea. The one on the right is my father, David Sulimzohn, that is me, Sura Milstein, in front of him, the man on the left of my father is Marcu Soifer, the one who was shot by the Germans; on the left in the front row is Ana Solomon, my mother's sister; my mother, Haia Sulimzohn, is the one on the left in the back row, on her right is Gusta, a relative of my mother's from Piatra Neamt; next to her on the right are my grandmother and grandfather, Basea and Usher Soifer, and on my grandfather's right, another relative from Piatra Neamt. I don't remember who the other children are. I believe the photograph was taken by a photographer from the town of Bucecea. The text on the back of the photograph reads: '… [To remember] our visiting you, on the day of the Lord, 21st August 1927, from yours: Gusta and Friedrich - Friedrich is Gusta's husband.' They used to come to Bucecea from time to time, but very seldom, and probably we had a family photograph taken on this occacion.

My grandparents from my mother's side lived in Bucecea. [Bucecea is located in the county of Botosani, 22 km west of Botosani.] I, Sura Milstein, spent my holidays there when I was little, at my grandparents' house. And before going to school I spent more time in Bucecea than I did at home. My childhood in Bucecea was the brightest period of my life.

It was my grandmother who looked after me. My grandmother was skilled in all sorts of things, she was a very good cook. She also baked pastry - apple strudel, walnut strudel… She spoiled me. Also, - before getting married and moving to Herta - my grandmother's sister lived in Bucecea, and she loved me very much. I was spoiled for a long time as a child. I was the first grandchild in the family and for 7 years I was the only child. And when my parents happened to scold me for my mischief, I would ask to go to Bucecea. And when my grandmother scolded me, raised her voice at me - I would ask to return to Dorohoi. So much so that a friend of my aunt Ana's called me 'Voyaging jackanapes' - on account of the fact that no sooner was I in Bucecea than I was on my way to Dorohoi.

For 7 years I was the only child [in the family]. Afterwards, there was my sister as well, and she was a suckling; then my cousin was born as well, after my aunt married. My sister, Erica, was born in Dorohoi 7 years after I was born, namely in 1929. She came to Bucecea as well, but she was little. We didn't play together that much. She followed me around, but a 7-year gap is a big difference.

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Interviewee: Sura Milstein
Emoke Major
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Botosani, Romania


Usher Soifer
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Romania (1920-1945)
before WW II
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Worked in the forests

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Basea Soifer
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