Simon Gonopolskiy in a pioneer camp

Simon Gonopolskiy in a pioneer camp
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This is me (second row from below, 4th on the left) in a pioneer camp. The photo was taken in Odessa in 1940. I had holidays in pioneer camps at the seashore several times. It was a tradition there to make a fire in the evening, swim in the sea at night when the seawater phosphoresces and so does human skin. My first outings with girls were in the camp. We went hiking and worked in collective farm fields. I took part in all activities. When I studied at school New Year's celebrations were allowed. There was a Christmas Tree decorated at school, but we never had a tree at home - I guess it must have been too expensive. I remember we had many books and read a lot - fiction, historical novels. There were newspapers because my father was interested in politics. I also subscribed to 'Pioneer Pravda' ['Pioneer Truth']: I was responsible for the subscription of my classmates to this newspaper.

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Interviewee: Simon Gonopolskiy
Ludmila Grinshpoon
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Odessa, Ukraine


Simon Gonopolskiy
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Working in natural and technical sciences

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