Shoulim Shor

Shoulim Shor
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This is my maternal grandfather Shoulim Shor. That picture was brought by my mother in the 1930s, when she went to see him in Moscow. The picture was taken in Moscow in the 1930s. My mother was from Kiev. I never met my maternal grandparents. I know their names from my mother's birth certificate, which unfortunately isn't preserved. It was written there that her father, Shoulim Shor, born in Pereyaslov [today Ukraine], and her mother Rivka, nee Golberg, were the parents of the daughter born on 6th September 1890 and named Dvosya. My mother was the only daughter. My grandmother died when my mother was little, and my grandfather got married again when the customary mourning period was over. He had another daughter in the second marriage. I don't remember her name. By the beginning of the 1930s my mother had gone to the USSR to visit her family. My grandfather had left Kiev for Moscow, where his younger daughter lived. It was hard to get a visa to the USSR. Since my father was a very good doctor and often called to the Soviet embassy to render medical assistance, the ambassador issued my mother a visa as per my father's request. I don't remember everything my mother told me about her trip. What I remember is that the first thing upon my mother's arrival was my grandfather's warning that the janitor of their house was employed by the NKVD, so my mother had to watch her conversation. There was another amusing case. My mother was definitely dressed in a different way from the Soviet people, who were mostly dressed very poorly. Once on a warm day, my mother took off her coat and carried it in her hand and almost every passer-by asked if she was selling it.

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Interviewee: Margarita Kamiyenovskaya
Ella Levitskaya
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Tallinn, Estonia


Shoulim Shor
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before WW II

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