Shmil Rybakov

Shmil Rybakov
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This is my younger brother Shmil Rybakov. This photo was taken in Rezina in 1937. My sister Anyuta Rabinovich gave me this photo. In 1936 my younger brother Shmil was born. He was loved very much and was affectionately called Shmilik. I had seven siblings. We weren't wealthy considering that ours was a big family. My father worked in a cheder and our relatives from the USA supported us. My father gave private lessons at home. We lived on the first floor in a two-storied house. We bought this first floor from the owner of the house who lived on the second floor. There was a shed adjoining the house where my parents kept a goat. When the times became hard, the family sold the goat. My younger brother perished during the Great Patriotic War.

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Interviewee: Ivan Barbul
Chisinau, Moldova


Shmil Rybakov
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Bogdanovka Nikolaev region
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