Shaya Margolin

Shaya Margolin
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    Russia, pre 1917
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This is a picture of my father's brother, Shaya Margolin. The photo was taken in Borispol, Kiev region in 1914. My father had six siblings. They were all born in Borispol. I don't know their dates of birth, but I can tell who was older or younger than my father. Rosa was the oldest. Then came two daughters, Sima and Nenia. Then my father Khaskel was born and then came his brothers Peretz and Shaya. The youngest was Beila, born in 1900. I don't even know my father's correct date of birth. His documents say he was born in 1894, but my father once told me that he was significantly older than what was written in his documents. This had something to do with recruitment to the army, but I don't know any details. I cannot tell how my father's brothers and sister lived before the Revolution of 1917. I only know that during World War I my grandfather sent my father's younger brother to the USA to save him from the army. I don't know how my father began to work. The Revolution of 1917 brought changes into the life of my father's family. Borispol isn't far from Kiev. The Civil War following the Revolution came to Borispol. The power in Kiev switched from one group to another. There were gangs coming to town. Once a gang came to Borispol in 1918. I don't know any details. All I know is that the family failed to hide away. Bandits came to their house demanding food and money. Before they left they shot grandfather and my father's younger brother, Shaya. My grandfather and Shaya were buried in the Jewish cemetery in Borispol.

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Interviewee: Agnessa Margolina
Ella Levitskaya
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Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Shaya Margolin
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before WW II

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