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I speak and write in French, English, Spanish and Greek in addition to Turkish. I am a member of T.M.M.O(Chamber of Turkish Architects and Engineers), City-Planning Office, the Turkish-French Cultural Organisation and Italian Culture Organisation. I try and share my knowledge and experiences with others by the Institut Français des Etudes Anatoliennes(The French Institute of Anatolian Studies) , Observatoire Urbain d'Istanbul(The Urban Observatory of Istanbul), the Organisation for Preservation of Historical Turkish houses where I am a member and by the conferences I give in various places and by the discussion groups I attend, by my articles titled L'Empire Ottoman(The Ottoman Empire), La République Turque et La France(The Turkish Republic and France), and the Italian Architects in Istanbul in the 19th and 20th Centuries. I was honored by many plaques because of my professional activities. For example, in 1971 I was given "30th year in the professional world" by the Turkish Architects Organisation, in 1992 "50th year in the profession" by the Chamber of Architects. In 1999 I was honored by a Gratitude Plaque from the Fatih Rotary club, in 2002 a thank you plaque from the Chamber of City-Planners thanking me "for my contributions to the development of the chamber and the formation of a professional group in city-planning, theoretical and practical operations in city and town-formations". Among the many plaques and awards I received, I also have a title of privelege from the Chamber of Spanish Architects. In the photograph, I can be seen with the president of the organisation at the end of a conference I gave as the guest of the Organisation to Preserve Turkish Historical Houses.

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Interviewee: Aron Anjel
Naim Güleryüz
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Istanbul, Turkey


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Ottoman Empire
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