Salo Fiszgrund

Salo Fiszgrund
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This is Salo Fiszgrund, my husband's younger brother. The picture is dedicated: 'To my Dear Cousin, Zygmunt. Vamosmicola, April 1942, Magyarorseg'. [incorrect Hungarian for ?Hungary?] I think it was taken after Salo had made it from the ghetto to the Aryan side. His fake name was Henryk Osiecki, not Zygmunt, but they wrote each other under assumed names to avoid identification. You know, when my husband looked at the photo, he knew it was Salo. It may have been sent by mail, or through Hochberg-Marianska. Salo Fiszgrund broke free from Sulkowice thanks, I think, to a guy named Aleksandrowicz who had a stationery wholesale business in Cracow. Salo got his first job there as a bookkeeper. Shortly before the war he held a directorial position at some bank, I think. During all that time he was also active in the Bund. He had two children with his first wife, Julek and Hanka. Both were born in Cracow. Julek was one year an a half younger than me, so he must have been born in 1923. Hanka was one and a half or two years younger than Julek, so that's birth year 1925. I don't remember the name of Salo's first wife. She was from Cracow, that I know for sure. When the war broke out, Salo Fiszgrund made it to the other side of the USSR border and thought that, as a Bund member, he'd be welcome there. But the communists didn't like the Bund. It's the truth. The Bolsheviks were afraid of the international masonry and believe that it had its roots in the Bund. Salo crossed the border with a group of people. The Russians arrested them and took them to Minsk. From that group two persons were sent to the Siberia, and the rest found themselves in jail. Salo was put into jail, in Minsk, for half a year, or a year, I don't know. And there they exchanged him. The Russians released him to the Germans as a Pole, and the Germans released someone to the Russians. I know they exchanged him, and because he was circumcised, the Germans sent him to the ghetto. I know for sure that two or three people went to the Warsaw ghetto for being Jews. Some well-known Jew was replaced together with Salo. I don't know whether it wasn't Feiner. That must have been late 1940 or early 1941, certainly that. Salo made it out of the ghetto through the sewers but he was still in Warsaw. The Zegota equipped him with a fake ID in the Polish name of Henryk Osiecki.

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Interviewee: Alina Fiszgrund
Magdalena Bizon
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Krakow, Poland


Salo Fiszgrund
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Tel Aviv
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after WW II
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Jewish activist
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