Rywka Israeler

Rywka Israeler
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This is Rywka Israeler, my husband's half-brother's wife. The photo was taken in Haifa in the 1960s. My husband, Maksymilian Fiszgrund, was born in 1887 in Sulkowice. His father, Szymon Fiszgrund was the shochet there. My husband was a child from his father's first marriage, his mother, Bronislawa, died delivering another baby, and the baby died too. Szymon Fiszgrund had two more children with another woman but they had never undergone the wedding ritual. I don't know what her name was, but the children bore her maiden name: Israeler. My husband's stepbrother, Aron Abraham Israeler, was 12 or 13 when his mother ran away from home. Soon after that his father sent him to Berlin, to some relatives. That was between 1905 and 1910, and my husband went to Berlin during roughly the same time. Aron grew up with those relatives, and eventually married a Jewess in Berlin. Her name was Rywka, Rywka Israeler. In 1934 or 1935 they were expelled from Berlin. They could have deported them to Poland, because he was Polish-born, but Rywka was a very smart lady, a street-smart one. And she secured a permit from the British for them to settle in Palestine. They lived in Haifa, had a son. Aron worked in the post office. He wrote us letters. He died in the early 1960s, and his wife outlived my husband, died sometime in the late 1970s.

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Interviewee: Alina Fiszgrund
Magdalena Bizon
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Krakow, Poland


Rywka Israeler
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