Ruhla and Saul Kesler

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The one in the middle is Saul Kesler, he is dancing with his mother, Ruhla Kesler. And the one on the right is Saul's son-in-law, but I don't know his name. The date on the photograph is 12th October 1962.


My father had 2 sisters - Sura and Ruhla - both of whom I've met. The name of Ruhla's husband - the other sister of my father - was Avram Kesler. They lived in Iasi, but I no longer remember what they did for a living. Their sons' names were Leon and Saul. Ruhla had another son as well, David Kesler, who lived in Dorohoi, and who had a daughter, Jeni Kesler. Jeni Kesler was an actress at the Jewish Theatre in Iasi [Ed. note: The first professional theatre in Yiddish was founded in Gradina "Pomul Verde" (The "Green Tree" Garden), today the Park in front of the National Theatre in Iasi, as it was intended for a Jewish audience, the vast majority of Jews living in the Podul Ros suburb.], and then in Israel. She was married to Martin Bercovici, who also had a bachelor's degree, but I forget in what field. They got married here, and left to Israel. I couldn't tell you whether Jeni is still alive. I believe so. But we haven't exchanged letters for a long time. She also had a little brother, his name was Solomonica, I think.

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Botosani, Romania


Ruha Kesler

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