The Rothbart family

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This is the Italian seaside in the 1930’s, I do not know where exactely. There is the Rothbart family on it with other people. Maxim Rothbart is on the left.

Father Maxim Rothbart was very religious. He would go to the synagogue whenever he could.  Father would not even touch anything that was not kosher, but he would bring home ham. 'Let his wife and kids still eat something nice'.

Vlada's father founded his private company that was engaged in international freight forwarding. His father was a customs freight forwarder and in his company he had 3 employees: Joca Banjanin, a Serb, Matija Simerling a Jew and a German, a 'Volksdeutcher' [6]. They 3 worked well together. Vlada's father, Maxim was very reserved, a cold employer, and also reserved with the family and with the children. He was overloaded with his office duties and mainly he spent the whole day on the job, and in the afternoon he stayed in hotel Putnik. There some official businesses would be concluded. In contrast to father Maxim, mother Irena would stay home, devoted to kids.

In the house there were mainly father's official books about international freight forwarding there were some religious books, of course the Bible, different prayer books, since one could not go to the synagogue without prayer books. All the books were locked and the kids had to ask father for the permission to get books for reading also the children books were in a closed case. Only the encyclopedias were unlocked because father told them that they could use them whenever they want.

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Interviewee: Vladislav Rothbart
Sonja Radulovic
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Novi Sad, Serbia


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Businessman, Retail merchant

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