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I went to Israel in 1977. I was in my older brother's house in Bat-yam. I went there and this picture was taken. I was very young when my father died. I am the 5th child of the family, anyways it is my father's second marriage. If you consider the fact that he has two children from his first marriage, I become my father's 7th child. When they saw me with my father, they thought I was the grandchild. My older brother is a carbon copy of my father. He looked a lot like him. We took this photograph on the shores of Bat-yam.

Avraam and Yakoov are the sons of my father from his first wife, they are my brothers from the same father, but different mothers. They weren't very happy about my mother and father getting married. They thought that since my mother was a young woman, she would have a lot of children. They manipulated the dry goods and notions store the way they wanted and during a period when my father was ill, they used it to further their own financial benefits. My father sold fabrics by meters during that time, he opened up a small store and earned our living. He did not have a fabric store any more when I was able to remember. He had a small grocery store and earned his living from this store. They say that Avram Babaoglu resembles my father a lot. When I went to Israel in 1977, I saw my older brother after a lot of long years. He had already grown old.. During the years Avram Babaoglu immigrated to Israel, Israel had not even become a nation, it was under the protection of the British, it was a place of war and poverty. Going there seemed like an adventure more or less.

Avram Babaoglu married a lady named Matilda. He had children named Isak, Janet, Niso, and Yosi. Janet was a guardian in jail. Niso was an engineer. Isak and Yosi dealt in commerce.

Yaakov went to Beirut because the economy was better and commercial life more active. Yaakov married a lady named Shaabe. I never got to know him.

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Interviewee: Rebi Evgin
Feride Petilon
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Istanbul, Turkey


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Avram Babakardash

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