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This photo was taken in Thessaloniki in 1965. This is the wedding of Raoul Saporta, who married Sara Sarfatti, she was from Veroia, another city of northern Greece with a significant Jewish population. Raoul was my cousin since his mother was my father's sister. I guess my daughter was not more than fourteen at that time. Raoul's sister, my cousin, is named Rena Rasse and she lives in Thessaloniki. When she was young she was one of the most beautiful girls i knew. But even now that she is old she is still beautiful and very elegant. She comes to visit me often.

All the weddings after the war took place at the Monastirioton, or as we called it the "Big Synagogue" situated on Suggrou Street. Before the war there were so many synagogues and each neighborhood had its own. Monastirioton was founded by Jews coming from Monastir and was not used by Jews living in the center of the city. All people were dressed nicely and the men were wearing black hats. They were very much in fashion. And the synagogue was full of flowers, mostly white. After the war one marriage was following the other, group marriages we call them.

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Interviewee: Deniz Nahmias
Thessaloniki, Greece


Deniz Nahmias
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Raoul Saporta

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