Raissa Yasvoina's son Alexandr Yasvoin

Raissa Yasvoina's son Alexandr Yasvoin
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My son Alexandr Yasvoin during his service in the army. Moscow, 1980. In 1959 our son was born. I called him Sasha to keep the first letter from my father's name Samuil. Sasha is short from Alexandr. Sasha finished a secondary school and went to learn the profession of a cook. He grew up a typical Soviet boy, paying no special attention to his nationality. Sasha faced anti-Semitism when he was in the army. He was in service in Moscow. The others called him 'zhyd' (kike) all the time. He kept patient for some time, but then he lost his temper and fought back. He was beaten and sent to hospital. The commanding officer of this military unit aked me to come to Moscow. I did go there and got the details of what had happened. I talked with his offenders in such manner that they stopped offending my son. I just threatened them - I don't know how. My instinct of the mother helped me. The commanding officer didn't want the conflict to go further on and helped my son to terminate his service term in the army. My son returned home and worked in various companies for some time. Now he owns a store, selling spare parts for vehicles. My son is married for the 2nd time. He has a son Maxim from his 1st marriage, born in 1983. Maxim works together with Sasha. My son doesn't have children in his 2nd marriage.

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Interviewee: Raissa Yasvoina
Zhanna Litinskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine


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