Purim at the Jewish community in Bratislava

Purim at the Jewish community in Bratislava
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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This photo was taken in the 1960s at the Bratislava Jewish community. I'm in the bottom row, the first on the left. In the second row, second from the left, is my first husband, Pavol Fuska. In the top row, second from the left, is Professor Traubner. The photo was probably taken at Purim. Before my wedding I used to go to the community every week, afterwards no longer. I didn't observe holidays in Bratislava. I was glad to not have to. Back then we didn't have Saturdays off, and besides that we had only two weeks of vacation. I was very careful with my days off, and didn't want to take time off and go sit in a synagogue for Yom Kippur. My father's and my opinion differed in this. Even before we didn't agree much, but he was supporting me and I had to listen. My father didn't agree with me working on Saturday either. I was married twice. My first husband was a Jew, but not the second one. The first was named Pavol Fuska. I'd known him since I was small. He was a native of Bratislava. He lived near me. My first husband changed his name, I don't know if it was his idea, but he took a name that someone in the family had used as a partisan cover name. I think it was from his uncle. He took the name at the age of 15. After getting married I was automatically Fuskova. I think he was originally named Feldmar. At the post office, where I worked, as if on purpose they wrote Fuchsova anyways. [Editor's note: in Slovakia most Jews had German-sounding names.] My first husband's family wasn't religious. They were secular. His mother was secular, as well as his second father. He was a sympathetic person. It was a case of a widow marrying a widower. We didn't observe Sabbath at home. I'd go to the synagogue, but not because of religion, but because I knew that my former landlady, Mrs. Feldmarova, would be there, so I'd go say hello to her. Otherwise I didn't go to visit them at home, we weren't again as close as all that.

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Interviewee: Magdalena Seborova
Pastorkova & Pokreis
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Brno, Czech Republic


Magdalena Seborova
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Office clerk
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Pavol Traubner
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Ester bat Noemi
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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
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