A postcard from Mikhail Kibalchich to Alexander Paskov's father Moisei Paskov regarding the death of his relatives in the Holocaust

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When Starodub was released from German occupation, my father,
knowing nothing about the fate of his relatives remaining in the city,
began to write questions to official organizations and to acquaintances from Starodub,
including his teacher of mathematicsm, Mikhail Kibalchich. This is the postcard with
which Kibalchich answered my father, informing him of the fate of the Jews of Starodub.

This is the text:

Dear Moisei Yankelevich!

I am hurrying to answer your letter.
Mina, the daughter of Samuel Yankelevich,
was killed by the fragment of a bomb on the third day of the arrival of Germans to Starodub.

Ten days after the German's arrival, all the Jews,
including Samuel Yankelevich, Rakhil Davidovna, Dodik, and your parents,
were taken to a concentration camp, which was built in Belovshchina.

They took the best of their belongings
(each person was allowed to take as much as they could carry at one time).
The rest of the belongings, including the furniture, were confiscated.
After three days, the Germans shot all the men in the camp.

The women and children were kept in the camp until spring
and in the spring everyone was shot.
They were cold, crowded, and poorly fed in the camp.
People say that several men and women
were saved when they ran away from the camp.

It is difficult to know whether any of your relatives succeeded in escaping.
Since then there has been no news from them.
Starodub suffered a lot from the German takeover.

250 houses were burned.
My home was burned, as was your relative's.
We hid in the forest and all of our things were burned.

Yours, M. Kibalchich,

November 25, 1943.

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