Petr Weber's aunt, Toshka Königsberg with Rivka Kellman

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This is a photograph of two cousins; Toshka Königsberg and Rivka Kellman. To this day I'm in touch with the descendants of this Rivka Kellman, today Dorman, who live in America. I unfortunately don't know where and when this photo was taken.

The Kellman family was in some way connected to the Königsbergs, my mother's family. Likely somewhere in that generation of grandmas, one from the Königsberg family married into the Kellman family, but I don't know anything about it for certain. Someone by the name of Yehuda Schlomo Kellman is there, apparently the brother of Zissl Königsberg, who was probably my grandmother, the mother of Lola Preiss. So her maiden name would then have been Kellman. According to the same source of information, my mother's grandmother was named Chana Kellman, née Weiser. Apparently she died in 1929. So that's perhaps how both families are related. Both families lived in the same small town, Bochnia in Poland, near Krakow.

Toshka and Esther moved to what was back then the Palestine still during pre-war times, probably around 1935, and thus survived and became this bridge between me and my past. They lived in Tel Aviv. So from the entire Königsberg family, only these three survived, Toshka, Esther and Uncle Shlomo. My mother and her other sisters, by this I mean Dina, Lea, Bracha and another brother David, all those died during World War II.


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Interviewee: Petr Weber
Zuzana Strouhova
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Brno, Czech Republic


Toshka Brunner
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Tel Aviv
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after WW II
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Rivka Dorman
after WW II
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