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This photograph is from the 1990s, from a business trip in Hamburg. I was here on business as a foreign trade economist.


After university I was in the army from 1959 to 1960, I went through basic training, where in the north, in Bor u Tachova, I crawled through mud with younger guys, which was tough, but then they transferred me to the position of translator, so I had a relatively tranquil army service. During socialist times a person couldn't choose where he wanted to work, I simply got a placement in Motokov, I accepted the job, and that's how my professional life began.



I've worked my whole life in foreign trade. I was actually a traveling salesmen, like my father, with the difference that he traveled and offered goods in Slovakia, and I offered goods in various countries of the world, from Asia to America. Today I'm already retired, however I'm involved with the Terezin Initiative, I participate in forums with students, I talk about the Holocaust, so that the young generation has at least some idea of what the war was, so that similar horrors can never be repeated.


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Interviewee: Pavel Werner
Dagmar Greslova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Pavel Werner
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Mendel Manes ben Chaim
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