Paul Tinichigiu

Paul Tinichigiu
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This photo was taken in Poiana Brasov in 1993, after the final national alpine skiing contest for youth. Poiana Brasov is a winter resort in the town we live in, Brasov. You can see my son, Paul, in this picture: he is the second from left, near the girl, Cristina; I remember her name because she was his favorite in the team because of her perfect skiing technique. You can see he has three medals... I was very proud of him that day, he was the best in his team. ?Paul and skiing? is a very interesting topic for me ... it changed my life completely, and his as well. I even took up skiing at the same time as him, but just for a while, because my health didn't allow me to go on with it. Paul started skiing when he was three, because the doctors found out he was sick with asthma. So he was recommended to travel in the mountains as much as we could afford. But he sort of fell in love with skiing and he decided to become a professional. At the age of 13 he won a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal at the National Alpine Skiing championship, the gold in Super G, the silver in Slalom and the bronze in Giant Slalom. He gave up professional skiing because when he went to high school, he wanted to prove himself and the rest of the world that he could be more; he still skies today, but he works professionaly as an It instructor.

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Interviewee: Isac Tinichigiu
Andreea Laptes
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Brasov, Romania


Paul Tinichgiu
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Sfantul Gheorghe
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