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This is me photographed at home. I'm wearing my awards. From top to bottom: Order of the Great Patriotic War, 1st grade, two Orders of the Red Banner, a badge of veteran of the 17th Guard Division, a badge of a front line man.

On the right at the top: Gagarin medal for the space manning and a badge of honor 'Veteran of Cosmos'. The rest are medals for liberation of towns, memorable medals to jubilee dates of the victory over Germany.

This photo was taken in Moscow in October 2004.

In 1951 I got a job at Academician Korolyov's company where I was promoted to the position of military representative. This company developed and manufactured missiles. I worked as a junior military representative, military representative and senior military representative.

I was valued as a specialist in estimations. There were few such specialists. It was one thing to check parts at a shop and a totally different responsibility to check ballistic estimations. I worked safely at the plant for 50 years.

I retired in the rank of an engineer lieutenant colonel. I believe I made my contribution to the development of our rocket equipment. I identified errors and made suggestions. I also have inventions and patent certificates related to rocket equipment. I was awarded a Gagarin Medal..

In 1999, I was awarded a very rare award: a badge of honor, 'Veteran of Cosmos' [Cosmos Award: introduced to commemorate the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin.] There are just a few awardees in the USSR.

Upon my retirement from the army I went to work at the scientific research institute of optical and physical researches. I was a senior engineer there and also received my military pension. I was also a propagandist at the research institute and tried to make my classes interesting.

In 1987, when perestroika began it caused unemployment and mass reduction of staff, affecting older people. I retired.

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Ella Levitskaya
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Moscow, Russia


Osip Hotinskiy
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