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This photo was taken for the board of honor of the Korolyov Design Office. I am senior military representative of the Korolyov Design Office, Major Osip Hotinskiy.

This photo was taken in Moscow in 1963.

In 1951 I got a job at Academician Korolyov's company where I was promoted to the position of military representative. This company developed and manufactured missiles.

When I joined the company, it was in the process of developing a 600-km-range missile. Later they developed and manufactured a 1,200-km-range missile. And these missile developments are still in use. I was appointed group supervisor in the Korolyov design office.

My group was to review all estimations issued by the design office employees: ballistic estimations, safety estimations, load estimates, aerodynamics. My group included specialists in aerodynamics and safety, and I was a specialist in ballistics.

The final approval of estimates and drawings required signatures of all military representatives and mine. Most of the design office employees were civilian candidates and doctors of science. T

he overall process of development of these missiles started with the development of design documentation and manufacture of missiles and was completed at the test ground.

We used two test grounds: the well-known Baykonur ground and another one in Zagorsk. Military representatives were involved in the process on all stages. Each stage required their statement of correctness and compliance with requirements.

I was to issue my statement on the stage of design. Of course, it was a great responsibility. I happened to find errors in estimations. In this case I was to write an executive note to the management, but I never did this. I just went to see the developers and said: 'How come, guys…?' and they corrected their errors.

I worked safely at the plant for 50 years. I retired in the rank of an engineer lieutenant colonel. I believe I made my contribution to the development of our rocket equipment.

I identified errors and made suggestions. I also have inventions and patent certificates related to rocket equipment. I was awarded a Gagarin Medal.

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Interviewee: Osip Hotinskiy
Ella Levitskaya
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Moscow, Russia


Osip Hotinskiy
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