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This photograph was taken in Tarabya hotel in 1975.  The one in the photograph is my daughter Stina, a souvenir from the day she married her husband Jojo Baruh.It was a beautiful wedding.  Later, there was someone who sang beautifully,Tanju Okan, we called him.  We ate delicious foods.  The next morning they went to Europe on a honeymoon, stayed for 20-25 days, toured all the time and came back to their home.

My daughter Stina Rutli was born in 1956 in Istanbul.When Stina was little, she ate with so much difficulty, that we did not want to have any more children.  The same morsel in her mouth for hours, we would say a birdie is flying, she still would not swallow.We spoke in Turkish with Stina.  She does not know Judeo Espagnol at all.  We could not send her to a Jewish school- she attended a private elementary school in Pangalti, I do not remember the name, that school doesn't exist any more.  She attended junior high in Saint-Pulcherie. She learned French there.During summers, we would go to Caddebostan, for years.  Later on when Stina grew up, we went to Suadiye for summer. (Two neighborhoods on the Asian side, on the seashore).  We got a nice home, that is to say rented it for summer.  The landlady had a son.  One day she came home, I wasn't there, "with the decree of G-d, and the power of the prophet, I want your daughter for my son".  Stina was still 14-15 years old.  We stopped going to Suadiye after this and started going to Büyükada (the largest and last one of the Princess islands).  A few years later she married Yusuf Jojo Baruh at the age of 18.  On June 1st, 1974.  Yusuf has a store about electricity on Bankalar caddesi(Banks street). She had a daughter named Selin and a son named Ediz. Ediz is 27 years old, Selin is 25. 

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Yusuf Sarhon
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Istanbul, Turkey


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