Moris Mitrani

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    The Ottoman Empire
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The man in this photo is my mother’s brother, Moris Mitrani. This is a photo that was taken right before he left for the USA.

My mother Fortune Baruh (née Mitrani) had five siblings. Virjini Mitrani married Moiz Sarfati and had two children named Zelda and Josef. Klara Mitrani married Moiz Habib, and had two children, named Viktor and Edit. The two brothers, Salamon and Moris Mitrani immigrated to America. Establishing their future abroad in order to earn more money was a prevailing thought during those days. Actually it is always said "to America", but one of the brothers first went to Cuba and then to Mexico. They never came back to Istanbul. In this sense, my mother was separated from her siblings at a very young age and never saw them again. Their father went to America only once to see his sons. We learned from the news seldom received that they were also married and had children. From time to time small presents came from these siblings. We were informed when Salamon and Moris died. My mother went to the synagogue and did kriah for her brothers whom she never remembered, and mourned for seven days [shivah, in Ladino siete] by dressing in black [contrary to the Muslim and the Ashkenazi tradition the Ottoman and Turkish Sephardim wear black for morning] . Their children, on the other hand, came to Istanbul and found us, in other words their cousins. Though the siblings hadn't been in contact, the cousins met each other.

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Feride Petilon
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Istanbul, Turkey


Moris Mitrani
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The Ottoman Empire
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Mexico City
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