Moris Florentin’s grandfather

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    Ottoman Empire
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This was my grandfather on my father's side. I never met him because he died before I was born. I don't know many things about him because my father never talked about his parents; I don't even know his first name. His last name was Florentin and he was married to Oro Florentin, my father's mother. They had sixteen children including my father, Iosif, or Pepo, Florentin. The siblings were not on good terms with each other so I only met four of them, a brother named Samouil Florentin and three sisters. I am not sure how I came to own this picture; my father probably passed it on to me. 

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Interviewee: Moris Florentin
Lili Mordechai
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Thessaloniki, Greece


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Ottoman Empire
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Ottoman Empire
before WW II

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