Miron Manilov

Miron Manilov
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This is a photo of me before I graduated from the Kharkov artillery school and after I finished nine grades of compulsory school. The picture was taken in Kharkov in 1937. After finishing four classes of the Jewish school I had to continue my studies. I went to the eighth grade of a Russian school, where my sisters were studying. I completed nine grades in that school. After finishing the ninth grade, I was sent to special artillery school #14. I preferred humanities at school, but I was also good at mathematics. I didn't mind having a military career, because at that time militaries were respected, not the way it is now. And, artillery was the most respectable as it was considered to be intellectual as good knowledge in mathematics was required to make calculations. I didn't have any options. There were only two military schools in Kharkov, and both of them were artillery. It was a big help for my family as well, as it was a boarding school - we were fed and dressed. My parents didn't have to spend money for my maintenance. It was a real big help for them. We studied all liberal arts in the military school, which was included in the syllabus of any ordinary school. We had a more profound study of mathematics as compared to the common schools. We also had specialized military subjects such as tactics of the military actions, ballistics etc. A lot of attention was paid to physical training. Apart from compulsory PT, we were also supposed to go to the gymnasium. Everybody had the right to choose what sport they wanted to do, but heavy athletics and long distance running were included in the curriculum. In summertime, we were taken to the military camps. We were dressed in military uniform - tunic, trousers and boots. We often noticed envious looks of the civilian boys of our age, and we felt flattered. After finishing artillery school, I was sent to continue my education in the Moscow Red Banner Artillery School.

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Moscow, Russia


Miron Manilov
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Professional military, teacher, engineer

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