Miriam Patova

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    Henrich Kurizkes

This is me. When I graduated from the Leningrad Medical College, my husband and I went to Moscow on vacation to visit Aunt Dora, my mother's sister. My husband photographed me on my aunt's balcony. This photo was taken in Moscow in 1954

I visited Leningrad during my school vacations and I liked the city. In 1948 I finished school and entered the Medical Faculty of the Leningrad Medical College. We had outstanding professors and lecturers. Life and study in Leningrad was a never ending festivity for me.

I got married when I was a second-year student. I met Henrich Kurizkes in Tallinn, when I was at school. My friend introduced him to me during an interval at a concert in the Tallinn Philarmonic. During the war he served in the Estonian Corps. After the war he continued his service in the Estonian Corps in Tallinn. Henrich was born in Tallinn in 1924. His father, Lazar Kurizkes, was born in Narva. He later moved to Tallinn. Henrich's mother, Rebekka, came from Tallinn. Henrich's parents were working. They raised him hardworking. He studied in a private Russian gymnasium and then in an Estonian English college. Henrich went home from school, heated and served dinner to his mother when she came home from work. Henrich studied well, and was offered to give private classes to weaker children. He earned money to buy his first suit by teaching.

Henrich and I saw each other while I was in Tallinn. When I went to Leningrad, we corresponded and only saw each other when I went on vacation to see my parents. We got married when I went on vacation in 1950. We just registered our marriage and I went back to Leningrad. I gave my mother my word that I would finish my studies and become a doctor. Henrich was transferred to the military recruitment office in Tikhvin near Leningrad, and he visited me on weekends. Our daughter Tatiana was born before my winter exams, when I was in my forth year in college. I had to study and take care of the baby. It wasn't easy. I passed my exams. When the baby turned three months, I took her to my mother in Tallinn. Thanks to my mother, who cared about my daughter, I managed to finish college. I obtained a degree of a children's doctor. Henrich was transferred to Boksitogorsk, where he received a two-room apartment in a new apartment building. I finished college in 1954.

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Tallinn, Estonia


Miriam Patova
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Children's doctor

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