Mikhail Fiedelgolts with his wife Olga

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This is my son Mikhail Fiedelgolts with his wife Olga on the vacation in the Baltic country.

The picture was taken in Jurmala, 1995.

In 1962 our only son Mikhail was born. My son has always been aloof and tried not to tell about his child's concerns. Later on I found out that my son, even when being a child, had to come across anti-Semitism.

When my son told me that he was beaten up by a caboodle in the yard, who cried out 'Yid', I remembered chivalrous plays from my childhood. Mikhail was attacked by the group, being beat by the sticks and metal objects.

Once he was almost murdered. In summer he was sent to the pioneer camp. The boys did not merely dare to beat Yid, they also tied up a plummet to the wire and hit my son in the face. His teeth were crashed, jaw was broken. He was hospitalized. It was a big stress for my son.

Only after that he told me that it was not the first time, when he was beaten just for being a Jew, just because he had the last name of Fiedelgolts.

When Mikhail was an adult, he told me when he was transferred to another school, the new classmates gave him a cold shoulder just because he was a Jew. He was beaten during the break to be put down. The son did not leak a word about it at home.

Having finished school Mikhail could not enter the institute. He was drafted in the army. He was lucky he was in the tank troops in Germany. He was a telephone operator. To a certain extent it kept him away from anti-Semitism, which might mostly likely have happened if was on the territory of the USSR.

Having been demobilized from the army, he entered Moscow Institute of Telephone Communication. It was in Brezhnev's times in 1982, when anti-Semitism was spread all over the country.

At that time demobilized from the army had some benefits and it must have worked. When son graduated, he was employed by the telephone communication company.

Son married his colleague, Olga Krylatskikh. Olga is Russian.
My son did not consider such criterion as nationality when he was getting married and I did not interfere. He had the right for his own choice. They have a happy living. I have two granddaughters.

The elder one Anna was born in 1989, and the younger one, Anastasia was born in 1991.

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