Mico and Mari Alvo at a fancy dress ball

Mico and Mari Alvo at a fancy dress ball
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This picture was taken at a party of Sacha's. Sacha was the wife of Alkis Natsis, the brother of a very good friend of ours, George Natsis. The picture was taken in Thessaloniki in 1958. At that time we used to have parties very often. And apart from the parties we also used to dress for the carnivals. The first people we spent time with were Clio Natsi and George, her husband, because we had land right next to each other, near the 'Farm School.' We hadn't bought this land, but my father had, during the occupation, from Varlamidis. After the liberation, Varlamidis came with his family, we made an agreement, paid the difference and it was settled. The front part was the property of the National Bank of Greece. We bought the front part, too, in order to have the land starting from the road, all the way down. Clio Natsi and George had the land next to that which went all the way down to the sea. When the road was widened they had to get compensation from the Ministry of Public Works. George studied at the Polytechnic school and was taking exams at the same time as my brother did, and that's when we had first met. One day he came up to me and says, 'I have this and they have that. Would you like to take action together?' So I reply, 'Of course, why not?' We called a lawyer. His brother-in-law, his wife's brother, was a lawyer. So we handed the matter over to him. We realized that we were the same age. So one day we said, 'Why don't we all go out together, you with your wife and me with mine?.' So we all e went out one night and Mari and Clio got on very well. I can say that we were the best of friends. Our best friends were the Natsi couple. We went on very nice excursions together. We went on long journeys in our car because they didn't have a car. Later we introduced the Natsis to the other good friends of ours, the Kazazis. They all had the same way of thinking. So one would invite each other, one time in one house and then in somebody else's house. We would eat and have parties and celebrations. We danced very much.

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Interviewee: Mico Alvo
Paris Papamichos-Chronakis
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Thessaloniki, Greece


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USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
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