Meyer Goldstein's photo of Jewish students in Korsoun

Meyer Goldstein's photo of Jewish students in Korsoun
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Pre-war graduation (1940) of the Korsoun Jewish School. All the boys were killed in 1941-1942. The last class of the Korsun school, children who graduated in 1941, including my great-nephew - none of them returned from war. All of them were Jewish. Some of them were killed at the front, some were shot in Korsun, and others were reported missing. Many Jews were shot in Korsun. Today, their remains have been reburied in the Jewish cemetery of Korsun. A common grave and a tomb were created there with an inscription that says the Jews of Korsun were shot there.

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Interviewee: Meyer Goldstein
Zhanna Litinskya
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Kiev, Ukraine

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