Mesko Nikolaj in a prayer hall

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The photo was taken in our prayer hall in Mukachevo, I'm on the right. Beside me is a woman from Kiev. Every year Jews from Germany visit Mukachevo, and she accompanies them and translates for them. They come to see the cemetery, and of course how Jews in Mukachevo live, as well. I talk to them about Judaism. The photograph was probably taken in the 1990's.

I actively participate in the life of the religious community, because I'm the deputy chairman of the community. I also lead prayers, meaning I'm a cantor. We don't have a rabbi, but I know as much as a rabbi, because I studied it. So I participate in prayers as a cantor. Thanks to the synagogue I have friends to this day, because we often meet there. One of my very good friends is Schneider, who was born in 1922, and who I knew even before the war. We attended synagogue together as children. Another is Ocsi Job. I see them every day. Most often we lead discussions on how Jews live in Israel. It's horrible, because there isn't any hope that there will ever be peace there. How much terror exists in the world.

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Interviewee: Nikolai Mesko Salamonovic
Pokreis & Korcok
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Mukachevo , Ukraine


Nikolai Mesko Salamonovic
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Nusn ben Sloime
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Manual Laborer
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Departmental head/manager in socialist
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    Nusn Mermelstein
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    Communist ideology

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