Mesko Nikolai during Mukachevo town celebrations

Mesko Nikolai during Mukachevo town celebrations
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The photo was taken in front of the Hotel Star in Mukachevo. Every year, on May 26th, the town celebrates the first written mention of its existence in archival materials. The photo was likely taken about three years ago (2003). In the picture I can be seen presenting an annual report regarding the activities of the town council and mayor. The celebration takes place in the main square. The town on this occasion always holds a celebratory dinner in the Hotel Star. In 1948 I was elected to the town council as a deputy. I, a Jew, became a deputy and stayed one for the whole 48 years. This didn't happen anywhere else, not only in Ruthenia but in all of the Ukraine. In those days town council elections were held every two years, only later were they every four. During the entire 48 years they elected me again and again.

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Interviewee: Nikolai Mesko


Nikolai Mesko Salamonovic
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Manual laborer
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Departmental head/manager in socialist firms
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    Nusn Mermelstein
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    Communist ideology

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