Membership Card at the Budapest Tourist Association

Membership Card at the Budapest Tourist Association
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This is my membership card at the Budapest Tourist Association. While I worked at the Central Statistical Office my colleagues and I used to take trips. I used to go back to them later, too, in 1964, when I already worked at the Party History Institute, because I loved them so much. This membership card was issued in 1961. My husband worked as an interpreter for quite a while, and then he went on visits to the scenes of accidents where Russian soldiers were also involved. It occurred that they called him during the night. Once there was a casualty, and he had to go in to the dissection room. Then he said that he would rather die than continue this work, so he quit being a military interpreter. He went to the 1st May Garment Factory, they employed him as a quality controller and interpreter, there were fashion shows abroad, which he organized, so they traveled all over the Soviet Union. Moscow, Leningrad, Georgia, Abkhazia, Saratov, I can't recount all the places they went to. My husband also participated at price negotiations, he made many acquaintances. There was an artist who also illustrated books, they became very good friends, and I became a friend with him, too, this was a friendship that lasted for years. This man painted, too. They lived next to the railway station in Kiev in a first-story apartment, the upper story was the artist's. There was a circular corridor, and everyone had a room. I got two paintings from this painter. But I also went on business to Moscow. I went very often, we made bibliographies, and we collected for example Gyorgy Lukacs' articles, which he wrote in the exile and which were published in Russian magazines. I was at the partner institution for weeks, and I could do research on the Hungarian connections.

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Lehotzky Zsuzsanna
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Budapest, Hungary


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