Matilda Ninyo’s uncle Israel Danon

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    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
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This is a picture of my uncle Israel Danon. He wears the uniform of the high school of trade in Burgas. The photo was taken in 1920 in Burgas. After his graduation he moved to Sofia. He married there. He was an accountant. In 1949 he left for Israel with his family.

Mom had four brothers. All in all, there were five children in the family. Her father Pinhas Danon was a tailor. He was famous in Burgas for his work. He earned decently and he had enough money to support his family. Unfortunately, my grandmother Simha Danon, who was a housewife, died at the age of 42. She died quite young and this had negative consequences for the whole family. My grandmother’s sister Doreta was of a great support in this moment. She brought up mom's youngest brother - Israel Danon. Doreta took the little child to live with her. Thanks to my grandfather's good status in Burgas, he was able to provide his children with education. The eldest son Eliezer Danon graduated from the high school of trade in Burgas. Now this school is still considered to be very prestigious. After that he became an official in the town's Italian bank. My uncle Eliezer died very young. He had an accident and drowned in the sea. Later, his three brothers called after him their first-born sons.

Israel Danon also graduated from the same high school of trade in Burgas. He went to Sofia to work as an accountant in a Jewish company for ironware and building materials, called ‘Sintovi Bros’. My uncle's wife was Rashel and she came from a wealthy family. Her father was an accountant in a Jewish company for dry cleaning. They had two children - Eliezer and Sonya.

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Interviewee: Matilda Ninyo
Dimitar Bozhilov
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Israel Danon
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Bat Yam
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