The marriage certificate of Farkas Fischer and his wife

The marriage certificate of  Farkas Fischer and his wife
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This is a copy of my parent's marriage certificate, it's not the original. It is from 1945, it is a photocopy of the original. I know my grandparents' name from this, because when I was born they had already died, so I don't know anything else about them. My father's father was called Ignac Fischer, my grandmother Julianna Weisz. When my parents got married in 1909 neither of them were still alive. [According to the present marriage certificate only the maternal grandmother had passed away by then.] It is written in the same document that my maternal grandfather's name was Izsak Friedman, his wife was Regina Gluck. My mother's parents lived in Kotaj, my father's parents, I think, lived in Opalyi. We needed this document, because everything we had got lost during the war, and my husband and I wanted to get married. We got married in 1945, but that wasn't that simple either, because we couldn't get married in Nyiregyhaza, because Sandor didn't have any papers. Then we heard news from Nagybereg, that there they would marry us in three days, because the secretary there had been his classmate. So we had our civil marriage in Nagybereg. But here at home in Nyiregyhaza a Jewish rabbi married us. We had out wedding at the synagogue because Joli wanted it, I didn't. At that time there weren't any decent rabbis, everyone had been deported, but they did find a young rabbi. In August 1945 nobody was home yet. On the other hand after the Shoah, after they had exterminated my family, I didn't really think it had any sense to get married at the synagogue.

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