Mario Modiano and Frank McCaskey

Mario Modiano and Frank McCaskey
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I am on the right here with the man who introduced me into journalism, Frank McCaskey, whom I succeeded as correspondent for the Times. The photograph was taken in Athens in the 1950s. While I was on leave from the army, I would help my father at Reuters. It was in this way that I learned the profession of a foreign correspondent. During this time I met several colleagues of my father. One of them was Frank McCaskey, a British war hero turned foreign correspondent. He worked for The Times of London. One day he asked me to help him. That was my next job. It was 1950 and I was appointed assistant correspondent for The Times. In 1952 Frank was transferred to Suez to cover the Anglo-French landing there. Frank was a very heavy drinker and eventually he died of it. The Times asked me to carry on in Greece. I accepted and I continued to work for them for the next 38 years. I always felt passionate about my new profession. It really takes you over and controls your life. You are no longer a free man. At every moment you must be on the alert just in case something important is happening in your area. It is a very exciting job but a very demanding one. You are on call 24/7.

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Interviewee: Mario Modiano
Milena Molho
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Athens, Greece


Mario Modiano
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