Marika Krpez's father Lazar Deutsch's football club

Marika Krpez's father Lazar Deutsch's football club
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    Kingdom of Yugoslavia, pre 1941
The picture was taken in the Dudova Forest near Subotica in 1925. The Hakoah football club is pictured. My father is in the middle row second from the left. Standing first from the left is Imre Vajs, who survived the war. Next is Andor Han, who was in a work camp, and then taken to the eastern front, where all traces of him were lost. Next to him is Pavle Vajnhud. After the war there was no one with this last name in Subotica. Next to him is Miklos Boros, and then Antal Spricer, then Ladislav Han, who survived the war; and in the suit is Joska Vajs. In the middle row first from the left is Jozef Han, next to him my father, Lazar Deutsch, next to him, Imre Fisher and Emil Felner. In the first row in the middle is Janos Zonelfeld and next to him Andor Kaufman . My father's friends that survived the war told me that he was a very good man. Always smiling, he liked to joke, and he was the favorite in their group of friends. He excelled at football and was always on the starting team.

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Interviewee: Marika Krpez
Subotica, Serbia


Lazar Deutsch
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Retail clerk
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