Maria Litoczewska with her husband

Maria Litoczewska with her husband
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This is my friend Marysia Litoczewska, nee Perlmuter, with her husband. This photo was taken in Warsaw, in the 1940s. Marysia was my friend from the student period in Cracow, she studied biology, I did chemistry. She came from Bedzin. We bumped into each other accidentally after the war. We were applying for a job somewhere, she had been in the First Army. Married name Litoczewska, maiden name Perlmuter. Marysia. We called her Maniusia. She was so petit, so slim, always smartly dressed. And when I met her, right after the war, she approached me, in uniform, she looked like a bag with a piece of rope wrapped around her waist, so round she was. It wasn't the same Marysia, I didn't recognize her at first. And so, from word to word, we moved in together. A rented room, in Praga. We also got married on the same day: 1st October, my birthday. 1944. Soon afterwards she emigrated with her husband to Israel. They have two kids, the girl lives in England, the boy in Germany.

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Interviewee: Apolonia Starzec
Marta Cobel-Tokarska
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Warsaw, Poland


Maria Litoczewska
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