Maria Feheri

Maria Feheri
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This is a picture of me with people from the Hungarian Democratic Youth Association. We are listening to music. The photo was taken in Budapest in 1948 When a placard appeared in the streets in 1945 that said, 'Hungarian Youth! Come on, do sports, have fun, dance!', I said that this time I was like everyone else. And I joined MADISZ [Hungarian Democratic Youth Alliance] so that I could dance and do sports. And they told me to stay: there would be work, there would be dances, and I'd see that everybody was the same from now on. And I liked it very much and I took the ideology for granted as well. I couldn't believe what some of my other girlfriends told me about the Soviet Union. I was a believer with all my heart. I could argue even in tramways if somebody scorned it. Then there were still religion classes at school and our priest disparaged MADISZ a great deal. And then there was an argument between classmates and MADISZ members. There were many Jews in the fifth district MADISZ organization. I think that the Jews I knew there believed that it was a new world and that the old one had been awful because we and our parents had been taken and had yellow stars put on and been spat on. And there shouldn't be any more of this and the Communist Party and MADISZ was the best way to avoid it. And the others were proles who felt that they could become somebody, that we could finally study.

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Interviewee: Maria Eva Feheri
Dora Sardi
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Budapest, Hungary


Maria Feheri
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