Margit Preisz

Margit Preisz
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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Cabinet portrait
This is my mother Margit Preisz, nee Blum, as a child. The photo was taken in Gyoma in 1902. My mother was born in Gyoma in 1899. She attended the secondary school for girls in Mezotur and she graduated as well. She was an only child. Her father was called Mor Blum. He was born in 1868 in Gyongyos. My grandmother, Roza Klein, was probably born at the beginning of the 1870s in Abony. My grandmother had many brothers and sisters, at least eight; she was raised in a very religious family. My grandparents got married in 1898 in Gyoma. I don't know how they got to Gyoma, but one of my grandmother's brothers, Vilmos, got to Gyoma and he had a big department store from the 1880s onwards, and I think they went there because of him. The department store was called Kis-Klein department store. He had five or six assistants and office-clerks. The house in Gyoma was a nice big corner house, where the access to the shop was in the middle. It was a big shop and there was a two-bedroom apartment. There was a covered carriage entrance, and further on there was another apartment and a shop, which was rented out. They rented the shop to a pattern-stenciller for embroidery. It was also a Jew who rented it. My grandparents owned the first shop, a grocery, haberdashery, and dry goods shop. It was rather big, but there were no employees, they ran it alone. They opened at 7 in the morning and it was open until 6 o'clock; on Saturday until midday; on Sunday it was closed. But people came in every five minutes on Sunday, saying, 'Ah, Mrs. Blum, I'm out of flour', or 'I'm out of sugar', or 'I'm out of salt'.

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Interviewee: Gyorgy Preisz
Sárdi Dóra
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Budapest, Hungary


Margit Preisz
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