Manin Rudich's citation for the medal of work, received from Nicolae Ceausescu

Manin Rudich's citation for the medal of work, received from Nicolae Ceausescu
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This is a citation for the medal of work I received from Nicolae Ceausescu in 1973. It says that comrade Manin Rudich is awarded the medal of work -3rd class- for outstanding results in the factory. And you can see written on top of the page: Socialist Republic of Romania. In 1973 the factory celebrated its 150th anniversary and some top ranking workers were decorated. Ceausescu came to Brasov, to Casa Armatei [House of the Army, a building which belongs to the Ministry of the Armed Forces], somebody called out our names and we had to step forward and say, 'I serve the Socialist Republic of Romania! Good luck, comrade!', and afterwards we shook hands with comrade Ceausescu. I should have said, 'It is for this [decoration] that I serve the Republic.' - it would have been closer to the truth. It was December, I remember, and I was in mourning over my father, who had died that year, but they didn't let me wear a black tie, I had to wear another one. That was in 1951 and I worked there until I retired in 1990. I had no problems at work for being Jewish. There was another Jew working there, Weinberg, the technical director. When we had to attend meetings, he was the one to make the report on the nationalities present. He always used to say, '80% Romanians, 10% Hungarians, 8% Saxons and 2% others.' The two per cent others were actually the two of us, him and me, and he always giggled and gave me a nudge when he said that. I joined the Communist Party because I didn't have a choice, although I had no political convictions. The director of the factory summoned me one day, and told me that Staicu, a colleague of mine, was retiring. I knew it already, I worked in the same department with him. And he told me I was to be made chief of the department. I said, 'Thank you', and he said, 'Now run over to Deliu - Deliu was the Communist Party secretary - to join the Party!' When I went to Deliu, he already had my file ready with two recommendations; all I had to do was sign. I didn't get upset back then, the salary was better and I was chief of department.

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Interviewee: Manin Rudich
Andreea Laptes
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Brasov, Romania


Manin Rudich
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Cuciurul Mare
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Manual laborer

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Mix Express newspaper, Monitorul de Brasov newspaper, Realitatea Evreiasca newspaper, Trasee ale Memoriei (book by Vasilica Memonia Bogian)
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Nov 2001, Sept 1999, 2003

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