Mairy Angel's sister Jema Karasso

Mairy Angel's sister Jema Karasso
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This is a photograph of my sister Jema Samuel Karasso at school. She is the one with the ribbon at the third row from down going up, the fifth student from left to right. She must have been around eight years old when this photo was taken. She was very beautiful. She was tall and blond with nice blue eyes. She was much taller than me with beautiful legs. She was a lovable young girl. Jema was 15 years old when she died. She perished during the Holocaust. She was working for a while at Auschwitz. On the day of Kippur the best girls of Thessalonica, among them my sister Jema, were selected and send to crematorium. I cannot recognize anyone else in this photo. My mother during the war put in a box all the prewar photographs that I have now and some of our clothes. This box was send to Ormilia by bus. This was the village that my parents and my youngest siblings, including Jema, were supposed to go and hide during the war. A boat was supposed to take them from there to Volos, which was under Italian Occupation.

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Interviewee: Mirou-Mairy Angel
Athens, Greece


Jema Karasso
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