Magdalena Berger's family home of the Grossbergers in Sombor

Magdalena Berger's  family home of the Grossbergers in Sombor
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    Kingdom of Yugoslavia, pre 1941
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This is our apartment on the first floor of an apartment building on Laze Kostic and Bojevica Venac in Sombor. The photo was taken before WWII but I don?t know exactly when. The house was not destroyed during the war. One female servant and a cook lived and worked in our house. These women were foreigners and non-Jews. The servants were a normal practice at the time and not a sign of luxury. In our family's case they were especially necessary because my mother, Klara, was often sick and my stepmother did not know how to cook. My father had a textile factory and a wholesale textile shop. The factory was called something like Prva Jugoslovenska Fabrika za Tapaciranje. The store was on the ground floor of the building where we lived.

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Interviewee: Magdalena Berger
Rachel Chanin
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Belgrade, Serbia

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