Luna Romano, souvenir from Edirne’s Independence Day, folkloric group

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In Edirne, the Independence Day of Edirne would be very uneventful. The other people in the photograph: my cousins Soli Mizrahi, Rashel Mizrahi. My wife Luna Romano was born in Edirne on August 25th, 1944. She studied in Shehit Asim school. She went to junior high and highschool in Edirne. They went out with the same group of friends for years. They would get together at homes on weekends, hold parties. My wife's family are people who are loved and respected in Edirne. Today we still continue our friendship with some of her friends in Istanbul. Our elementary school friends were generally Jewish. Of course there were Muslims too. We had a good dialogue. There was no religious discrimination in school. We were together with Turks in groups of friends. They did not discriminate. My wife's older brother Menahem Razon was my friend. We had parties amongst ourselves. We gathered in houses on Sundays. We visited relatives in their homes on holidays. My wife's brother Mehahem Razon was my classmate. We grew up together, with her older brother. We were children from the same neighborhood, our houses were very close. The spark happened from there. Our wedding was a little sad. My wife's father had passed away before the wedding. We were in mourning because of that. In our family, mothers and fathers are above everything. We were raised in formality, but attachment was more prevalent in my wife's family. In a family where everyone is so close, our wedding took place in an atmosphere of melancholy due to the absence of the father. Normally one would organize an evening for a wedding. We could not have the wedding even though we were wealthy. We were going to have fun but there would be sorrow in us. We married on September 9th, 1962 in Edirne Synagogue, we went to Istanbul by train that night, we stayed at the Hilton hotel.

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Interviewee: Yasef Romano
Alberto Modiano
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Istanbul, Turkey


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