Luis Iglicki

Luis Iglicki
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    Rio de Janeiro
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On this photo is my mom's second brother, Luis Iglicki; his Jewish name was Lejzer. The picture was taken in Rio de Janeiro in 1939. My mom had two brothers: Lejzer and Rafal. A part of the family from Mother's side was in Luboml. In the eastern territories, near Kowel, that's where they lived: Mom's brother Rafal Iglicki and his wife. They had no kids. It was a childless marriage. That's why they wanted very much for my sister to go there. My sister graduated from our school in Zelechow, and she went to Uncle's, to Luboml. She worked in their shop. And the second brother ... He left before the war, he later lived in Rio de Janeiro. I never met this uncle, I don?t know anything about him. After the war I used to write to his family. My uncle Luis' family is alive; they still live in Rio de Janeiro. He is dead. Some members of that family live in Portugal. But they're not his grandchildren. They don't know me. And they live in Lisbon, in Porto. I don't know why they moved there. One grandchild is a doctor, another an engineer; they are people from a completely different epoch, a different life.

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Interviewee: Waclaw Iglicki
Marta Cobel-Tokarska
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Warsaw, Poland


Luis Iglicki
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Rio de Janeiro
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