Lubov Zaretskaya

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The first wife of uncle Fima [1915-1953], Lyubov [? -1941].

She was a dentist. In 1941 she gave birth to a girl, and Mum wrote to her: "Lyubochka, please come, I'll help you!" And she went right when the war began in 1941. And they were executed in Babiy Yar 13 together with her baby, they were buried alive. Such a horrible destiny.

Uncle Fima even went to see Stalin after that. He then worked at the Kirov factory, on Pyshminsky highway, where they were producing "Katyushas"14.

He went to Moscow from Sverdlovsk [Kirov factory and other Soviet plants were evacuated to the Central and Eastern Russia during the war], to see Stalin and told him: "I want to be at the front, to revenge myself for my wife and child". Stalin answered:

"No, you will work on "Katyusha"! And later, after he returned to Leningrad, he went to revive the collective farms. He was married for the second time then. So he left somewhere, lost what was left of his health, and died in 1953 of brain hemorrhage.

Lyudmila Efimovna [uncle Fima's daughter in the second marriage], and her sons, Zhenechka and Edic, already adults, are now in Australia, they have their own house in Melbourne. The sons, certainly, do not know Russian, speak only English.

She married a Jew, but a lazy one, who did not want to work, and she had to support her family all by herself in Australia. She left in 1970. Her aunt was there by then - her mother's sister.

Nobody was allowed to leave, only if one had close relatives there. But her aunt was there, so they were permitted to emigrate. And Lyudmila's brother, Zorik, named in honor of Grandfather Zorakh Zaretsky, is married to a Russian.

They have left for Germany. He is not writing us, I do not know anything about them.

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Interviewee: Valentina Fidelman
Ulyana Balashova
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St. Petersburg, Russia


Lubov Zaretskaya
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Babi Yar
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Babi Yar
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