Loucie Angel as a small child

Loucie Angel as a small child
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    Ottoman Empire
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    Vardaris studio
This is a picture of my mother as a small child. It was taken in the Vardaris studio in Thessaloniki in the 1890s. My maternal grandfather, Isaac Beza, married a daughter of the Navaro family, which was also a very rich family. They owned all the area of Caravan Serai. Navaro himself was a coppersmith. At that time everything was made of copper, so he became very rich with his work. So my grandfather Isaac married Navaro's eldest daughter, Doudou, and they had two children: my mother Loucie, or Loukia, and her brother Alfredos. At that time, just before the birth of my mother, the Dreyfus Affair was taking place in Europe. My grandfather was ordering newspapers from France and wanted to keep up with the case. When his wife gave birth to my mother he named her after Dreyfus's wife, and not after his mother, so he called her Loucie and later he named his son Alfred after Alfred Dreyfus. He was so moved by this case and he followed it with such great interest that he gave his two children the names of Alfred and his wife, rather than name them after his parents. This was quite unusual at that time.

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Interviewee: Deniz Nahmias
Thessaloniki, Greece


Loucie Angel
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after WW II
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