Lazar Treiger and his friends

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    Russia, pre 1917
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To the left is my mother's brother Lazar Treiger, clad in a work jersey, and the other two are his friends, whose names I don’t know. The picture was taken in Kishinev in 1911. Lazar gave this photo to my grandmother.

My maternal grandmother's name was Dvoira. She mostly took care of the children. There was a maid who came over to do the household chores. Dvoira was mostly keen on theater. She nurtured the love for theater in her daughter, my mother, who passed it on to me. There was a Russian theater in Kishinev. Plays by Gogol and Chekhov were staged there, but it existed only before Bessarabia was annexed to Romania. My grandmother was a frequent theater-goer. It was a real treat when famous actors came from Moscow and Petersburg. Dvoira would take the whole day to get ready. She put on her best bib and tucker, and wore modest jewelry so that the children felt that something great was going to happen. The Treiger family lived very modestly. They never owned a house, just rented small apartments. Education and upbringing were prioritized.

The eldest child in the family, Lazar Treiger, born in 1895, graduated from Odessa institute. He was a pharmacist. He owned an apothecary in the center of Kishinev. The apothecary was small, but a steady income was derived. Lazar's wife Annette was a teacher. After getting married she took care of her children. They had a son, Izrael and a daughter, Riva. When the Soviets came to power, Lazar voluntarily gave up his apothecary. In spite of that the whole family was exiled, and even worse it was severe. Lazar happened to be in Ural, where he died soon during timbering.

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Interviewee: Zoya Shapochnik
Kishinev, Moldova


Lazar Treiger
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Russia pre 1917
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before WW II
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