Lazar Sherishevskiy’s daughter Debora Kolomiyets

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My daughter Debora Kolomiyets (nee Nogteva) This photo was taken in 1996.

In 1969 our daughter Debora was born. My wife Margarita gave her this name. She was reading the New Testament and liked the image of Debora, a prophetess and poetess. [Debora is a character in the Old Testament.] So we named our daughter after the Biblical character. We decided that Debora should have the surname of her mother. My wife had a typical Russian surname and we knew that our daughter will have an easier life having her surname, it would be easier for her to enter a college and she would not face the booming anti-Semitism.

Our daughter married Ivan Kolomyiets and adopted his surname. Her husband is Ukrainian. Debora finished a Pedagogical College, when perestroika began. She worked at school for over a year and also studied management. After finishing this 2-year course she received a diploma. She also studied English. She is deputy director in a private company and she is doing well. She has a daughter - my granddaughter, who is 10 years old. My daughter and her family live in their apartment in Krasnogorsk near where my ex-wife Margarita lives. Margarita looks after our granddaughter. Katia studies in a general and music school. Debora and her husband work a lot. They work in the same company. I divorced Margarita 20 years ago, there were reasons. 

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Interviewee: Lazar Sherishevskiy
Svetlana Bogdanova
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Moscow, Russia


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