Laszlo Galla’s document of name change

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This is proof of magyarization of my name. You can see here that in 1948, I changed my family name from Gunst to Galla. The document was issued in Budapest.

I magyarized my name in 1948. At the time I'd just moved from Szentes to Budapest, and I already had a job at VASERT, and no one understood my name on the telephone. I was thought to be Kuncz, and many similar names, but not a Gunst. That's when I decided to change it, so that everyone could easily say my name. The rule was to submit three names, which the Interior Ministry could choose from. I only submitted 'Galla.' I mused on this one and that one a bit, then decided that the only good name for me was one that was easy to pronounce everywhere. And a clerk called me in to the Interior Ministry and argued that Galla was the name of a place and at the same time it was Slavic. But I said that it had a Hungarian sound even if it was Slavic, and I wanted it. And then he went for it, and accepted it.

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Interviewee: Laszlo Galla
Dora Sardi
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Budapest, Hungary


Laszlo Galla
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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Worked in father’s hardware store
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